Form prayer

I’m doing a discipleship year at my church, St Thomas Philadelphia, Sheffield. At the start of the year, everyone writes a prayer to sum up what they want God to do.

Now I am awake:

And I understand the need for fathers;

Earthly, spiritual, divine,

I want to find them

The river flows down his throne,

A shiver runs up my spine

He’s the perfect picture I

Never had


Fire is poured out,

Raw, irrational flame,

And there is only one source

I’ve enjoyed the flicker, the

Dance of his spirit, the

Warmth of a brother

Now finding the fuel:

Seeking where he lies is

A great challenge

Hiding in his robes the reward


God, you have found me;

The oceans in your eyes fill my gaze

I never bother searching, because

You never bother hiding

Why wait for a whisper, when

Creation is singing?

And should I seek excitement

While you sleep?


I want the newness and

Nearness of you,

Something I’ve never left, but which

Always leaves stones unturned;

We have many stories, but

More are left unwritten;

Shall our history

Become legacy?


The cost of your sacrifice was

Never trivial, and its shockwaves

Reach me

You’re my example, and I want to embrace this future of forgiveness;

Any offence hits you first, not me


Fierce independence, my strength, my


If it doesn’t make sense, I don’t

Make space;

However, there is weight behind his


God isn’t a logical construct, but


Raw emotions spilling out

Love has a language of its own

And it isn’t French – but

Deep cries out to deep in the roar of his waterfalls

My spirit resonates with his;

He holds my gaze, and I

Live in his inner heart

Teach me here, your joy,



Earth grows, and water flows

Fire burns, and lightning strikes

Wind blows, these things I know

Still my true nature is hidden from my eyes

Reading the opinions of others,

And actually giving a damn about

How I affect myself and my environment, are

Skills that escape me

But more important is the one,

The only one who holds and

Understands all these


If music be the food of love, then

I’ve stuffed my face

Grace is found

In the rise, fall and weave

Of melodies

Music is a gift;

It blesses the listener,

And disciplines the artist


Whenever water is poured out,

All drops shall fall, but

One must leap first

I will lead your people

To your house

May I continue journeying

Beyond the curtain,

Bringing your children into the



Having unconsciously forsaken friendships, severing

Ties that bind,

I begin to understand the significance of


The greatness of your heart should

Be carried by the many

Just don’t let me be

Controlled by crowd mentality,

Or lose the treasured individuality

Which we’ve fought so hard for

I won’t accept a diluted version

Of me,

But for your sake

I must

Let go


Thinking of the future, tires me

Why dwell on anything

But the present?

My world of fantasy and

Reality leaves no room for

Expectations and destinies

Martin Luther King had a

Powerful dream, but

I’m reaching for the mute button


If anyone expects me to follow

A programme, I’m tearing up the


But living outside of God’s wisdom

Causes damage

I just hope his purposes for me

Are dangerous, heartbreaking,

And above

All, unconventional


Stuart John,

“Steward of God’s gracious favour”

I’m glad defiance is not a sin,


If YAHWEH is who he is,

Then I am who I am –

That’s not something worthy of an Apology; and

If a mighty power raised Christ from the dead,

I want to stand in its way.


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