Waiting for you

Waiting for you in

A pocket of time; the leaves

Stir, but will this

Lift my eyes to you? I

Search for the wind, but it’s


Of course


Your thoughts fly like arrows,

Striking my hiding place

Everything I’m looking for is

Just above my eyeline; but I’ve been

Staring at my feet so long,

Toes form a skyline

Any solutions are all mine, and

Lack your divine


Energy, surging forwards

Propelling me towards your


Wide, open spaces where I can



Deeply in, and out

Again, and again I’m reminded

Of my friend

Whose innovation knows no

~ End ~

I send my dreams to him


Reality flutters when he laughs, and

He’s fond of jokes

I hope you’re not offended by his

Sense of humour, as he spits

Colour over black and white boxes

Is he meek and mild?

An imagination wild, this child

Has no interest in preserving

Paper houses

Hang on:

I get the gist, but I

Wrote this list; I’ll be

Pretty pissed if any appointments get –

Missed the point, that

Love is reaching through

I make assumptions, but he

Assumes authority


Knowing end from beginning offers

A unique perspective

Forgetting dusty plans

Makes me more receptive


His bow twangs;

Standing now,

Let wisdom pierce my heart

As skin breaks

A song awakes

His ideas unfold with a rhythm that doesn’t


And I fall asleep

Naruto lying leaves.png

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