A day in the life – April 18th (silence)

After breakfast, I started practicing my voicing on piano. But then I got distracted because I was trying to remember which Psalm a verse came from: “I walked among the crowds of worshippers, leading a great procession to the house of God.” The Internet failed me, and after reading several notebooks to see if I’d written it down, I read through all of Psalms to find it was 42. Then I started cooking tea, but at lunchtime! Such reckless routine breaking can only take place in an empty house.

Then headed to Cineworld to watch Fast and Furious 8 with Josh, which I’d vowed in numerous occasions to never see; solid 7/10. Then I had three and a half hours of enforced Holyspirit time before my next film. Jesus showed me myself wearing a full-sleeved robe like Joseph (Genesis 37) and Tamar (2 Samuel 13), which represented purity, but it didn’t really mean much to me. I was moaning at God because I don’t really know where he is in my life, or what’s going on. Then he said, “I am your shepherd and I know your every need. I’ve withheld myself from you to make you stronger. You’re now ready for true intimacy. Come on!” That was encouraging, but still a bit lacking in the specifics. Maybe I’m too demanding. Read through Song of Songs, then watched The Handmaiden; very unpredictable and absorbing.

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