A day in the life – April 20th (everglow)

Today, I kept flitting between worrying that I was doing too much, and that I wouldn’t have enough time alone, and being peaceful and thankful for life. Taught a piano lesson in the morning, then walked to Hillsborough to clean for a few hours. I am obsessed with Coldplay at the moment; listened to Ghost Stories and A Head Full Of Dreams. I’ve got past the point of worrying if I over listen, just give me those beats and beautiful production.

When I got home, I ended up wasting loads of time. Read the parts of Song of Songs that stood out to me to find out what Jesus thinks true intimacy is. I remember him saying some stuff, but I started passing out when I lay on the floor to soak, so I can’t remember what. Then taught some more piano, and headed out to eat noodles with the guys from Coventry. Monopoly afterwards, and Brandon and I formed a lethal business relationship, as fellow followers of the true religion (Naruto, of course).

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