A day in the life – April 21st (outdoors)

I got to spend almost my whole day outside, doing gardening for the Birchenall’s to help pay for our Sicily trip. I’m really thankful to God that he gave me a way to earn the money that I agree with, by doing something that actually helps someone. There were some lovely scones and ginger cakes on offer; they went straight down.

I gave in to the temptation of soaring Native Indian music again while eating tea. That eagle needs to soar. Then had an hour and a half glory bath to relax. I hope I do t end up causing myself permanent heat damage by trying to scald myself into a divine encounter. Just reviewing some verses that stood out from Song of Songs when thinking about true intimacy. “The sheen of your hair radiates royalty; the king is held captive by its tresses.” Whereas a king is normally the one taking prisoners, here is Jesus being disarmed by the beauty he sees within us. Captivation.

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