A day in the life – April 24th (bonds)

Through a combination of hard horticultural labour, generous donors, constant strategising, and mild exploitation of kind-hearted coworkers, I should have raised all my money for the mission trip, yay! It’s been good having an empty mind that occasionally shifts into semi-organisational mode. Just don’t throw or show me any more branches, please. 

I listened to ARTPOP by Lady Gaga for the first time in ages. Those beats are so filthy they would corrupt the Pope, if it’s even allowed air time in the Vatican. Also read some exciting genealogies in 1 Chronicles. Not too bad actually, tracking the history of worshippers in Israel. Then revisited one of my favourite moments in Naruto Shippuden, when he and Sakura find Sasuke again for the first time. So much intensity and crossed wires. Going to listen to some late night worship, but will probably fall asleep as per usual.

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