A day in the life – April 25th (fire and lightning)

All day I’ve been occupied with thoughts on a theme, so the specific details of my day are quite blurred. I do remember watching 21 Jump Street at the Williams’, and appreciating the Star Wars reference.
When worshiping, we always seem to start with “forced shouting”, where we try to work up some ecstatic external demonstration that’s supposed to honour God. Then after a while, we decide it’s acceptable to be still. Sorry, but I was up for that straight off, and being provoked into a vocal demonstration that just isn’t me feels like lying to God!
I was thinking this over while more worship was going on in the background. I then asked God to show me something, and I could see fire being unleashed from the corner of the room. This reminded me from a moment in Naruto, where Sasuke is fighting his brother. He releases loads of flames, which forces them both upwards. Sasuke continues to charge surrounded by lightning, which forces them to break outside. It’s taken me a while to get a hold on the meaning.
To me, this represents spending oneself in pursuit of a goal. Also, 1 Kings 19 speaks of Elijah on a mountain. There is wind, earthquake and fire, then “the sound of a gentle whisper/blowing.” After all the drama, it’s the stillness that really means something. By no means finished digging this.

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