A day in the life – April 26th (assaulted by a sausage, no pun intended)

I never thought I’d say these words, but today the nightmare became reality. I was cleaning a casserole dish, scrubbing dried pig flesh off with my fingers, when a fragment broke off and embedded itself beneath my thumbnail; it drew blood! How such a soft, succulent food could reveal such violent tendencies is confounding. 

Liz taught us in depth Myers Briggs today. Even though I’m quite familiar with it, I found it very enlightening. I don’t think I’m in danger of an identity crisis, as long as I don’t tattoo “INTJ” on my forehead. In the afternoon, I played bass at Terry Pratt’s remembrance service. I barely knew him, but it’s always a privilege to hear about people’s legacies. Although towards the end I was falling asleep, due to an overload of oral communication directed at me in the day. The traditional Wednesday afternoon coffee trip was much needed, before going to the Simms’. After five meals, I can announce that I reached food saturation after a tea of pasta and garlic bread.

Thankful for the start of new mysteries in my relationship with Jesus.

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