A day in the life – April 27th (2nd law)

Today passed, filled with minor tasks and non-events, the original plan of job applications being swept aside in the tides of fate. I went to Hillsborough to clean, and listened to Move by Yoshida Brothers. I bought this after watching skunk and the Two Strings, where the main character plays the shamisen. The Japanese music is very different, sometimes bordering on the irritating, but I find it beneficial listening to different sounds. 

In the evening I went down to church for tea and discussion, but hit a wall halfway through. I’d reached my social limit, despite few interactions today, and had to leave early. When I got home, I listened to the end of two albums I’d recently played. I’d not reached the end of both of them, and thought I needed a sense of closure. Only recently realised that Muse’s The 2nd Law is referring to Newton’s laws of motion. I’d thought it meant a new way of thinking, as their music is always political.

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