A day in the life – April 29th (search for meaning)

Worked all day at The Cabin. Really thankful for the gift of work; not just doing stuff and getting paid, but working, which distracts my mind from spiralling over-analysis and introspection. After eating, I started talking to God more about the imagery of fire and lightning from the other day, which I thought had something to do with singing and playing instruments in worship. 

I believe everyone is searching for meaning, whether they have a self-awareness of this or not. In the past, Holyspirit has spoken to me using two of the five elemental natures specified in Naruto: fire, wind, lightning, earth, water. He compared the water and wind elements to my capacity for both arts and creativity, and science and logic. 

I asked, “If singing is fire, and playing is lightning, then what is the earth I stand on?”

He said, “The body of saints.”

Some people search for purpose within (reflecting inwardly) or without, externally (through experiences); I tend toward the internal. What Jesus was showing me is that my inner talents of art and logic need a bridge to the external. The way this normally happens is if I share my ideas vocally, or play music for others. This connects me with the frame of reference of community, or family. Traditionally, I’ve viewed the external world as a drain, but it actually adds value to my individuality, instead of detracting from it.

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