A day in the life – April 30th (aether)

Another day another dollar, working at The Cabin again. I transcended the limits of multitasking today, by taking care of the washing and making pancake and waffle mix simultaneously. I surprise even myself, as I never thought such a feat possible.

The only appropriate relaxation afterwards was shower, food and Lady Gaga. I then carried on plowing through the genealogies at the start of 1 Chronicles. I keep losing my place, and end up cycling around the musicians. Anyway, I’m sure of two things; there is a mysterious, spiritual benefit to such a mind-numbing exercise, and the lists will end at some point (please). I was thinking of watching more Fairy Tail, but chose Friends instead, as any more anime of imagery would probably sever all ties between my consciousness and reality, permanently stranding me in the Aether.

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