A day in the life – May 1st (self-expression)

Spent the day attending to all my needs of self-expression, in terms of appearance and art. Had an eye test and bought some new glasses with Gethin, and also Grace, who is a self-styled expert in this field, with a great track record in increasing male sex appeal by choosing flattering eyewear. If I’ve not got a wife within a year, I’ll be filing complaints. Then bought some clothes and new music by Katie Melua, although I realised when I got home that I’d unwittingly bought a Christmas album. 

I often wonder how Jesus views spending money on oneself (which to me veers towards self-indulgence), when Christians are also being murdered and tortured across the world. I know my preferences are important to him, but how can two such staggering opposites exist? Started reading a book called How Emotions Are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett; some very interesting concepts even in the introduction.

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