A day in the life – May 3rd (the merging of worlds, part ii)

Then headed down to church at 2 to catch the coach to the airport. This was the start of many energy spikes and lapses in the journey from Sheffield to Catania. I can’t remember many details, but I felt sorry for the staff at Starbucks at Luton Airport. With sleep in such short supply, I used food as a substitute, which was directly correlated to my change in mood.

At first, I was quite sceptical about the purpose of the trip. In my opinion, we may as well just have stayed at home and done gardening for people over a week. But hearing stories of God’s faithfulness have me inspiration; very rare for me when hearing speeches. I don’t want to have any delusions that I’m a massive deal, and am going to change the face of a place I’ve never visited before in a week, but I’m happy to help with what’s already going on.

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