A day in the life – May 2nd (the merging of worlds, part i)

Mainly spent the day doing work, mixed in with preparing and packing for the trip to Sicily. I was quite distracted all day, as I was looking for a form of closure, and knew it wouldn’t arrive, as we were setting off at 2 the following morning. I’m often waiting for a sign, like the tinkle on an audiobook which indicates the time to turn a page. 

While thinking about this I was reminded of Jacob’s approach to God: in the middle of a wrestling match with a man/angel/God, he says, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” How many of us take this approach to relationship with Jesus, and is it appropriate? Once I’d finished everything, there was no point in sleeping, so I stayed awake watching Spirited Away. Totally wacky, and in keeping with my current mental state of mild, understated disbelief and bewilderment. 

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