A day in the life – May 4th (elemental)

Today we helped clearing out a house the Sicilians want to use to provide meals and stuff for the community in the future. Mainly basic gardening and clearing work, but a large group of people can achieve an amazing amount of change.

Had a worship and prayer night at the church. My thoughts and emotions have been really confused, and I don’t know what they are, so I asked God to throw me some bible verses to help me out.
They have no fear of God at all. (Psalm 36:1)
Dark clouds surround him… 

Fire spreads ahead of him…

His lighting flashes out across the world. (Psalm 97:2-4)
Joshua would remain behind in the Tent of Meeting. (Exodus 33:11)
And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die. (Revelation 12:11)
God was reminding me that an elemental, raw and powerful connection with him and his presence is a good thing. This comes naturally to me, but I still find barriers, as it often feels selfish to constantly want his presence, and also unromantic. 
Then I saw Jesus as a lion laying his head on me. He said, “I am giving you my mane to wear.” In Genesis 27, Jacob steals his brother blessing by wearing hairy clothes, so that when his blind father felt his arms, he thought they were Esau’s. In the same way, when the Father touches me, he feels the mane, so I get Jesus’ blessing. But I didn’t steal it; he gave it voluntarily.

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