A day in the life – May 5th (distractions)

The main activity today was praying in Catania, for significant locations and people. Initially it was frustrating, as we needed help to communicate in Italian, and God wasn’t giving me any specific directions, but kept on talking about feeling his presence as an individual. Towards the middle of the day, while we were praying around a monument to Garibaldi, I started taking photos. I don’t normally do this, as I like being lost in the moment. However, I couldn’t get any good shots, because I was only using my iPod, and car and people kept getting in the way. 

Then I took this photo and my perspective changed. Instead of viewing other things and a distraction, I started trying to incorporate them into the photos. I realised later that my approach to life is often to push activities, people, and generally everything out of the way to achieve calm, but actually doing the opposite brought me to the state I wanted. 
In the evening, we went to the church of the Sicilians who came to stay a few weeks ago. I got to share a picture of Jesus the lion, searching for people to be bold enough to walk with their hands in his mane; strength, boldness and courage.

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