A day in the life – May 7th (Etna)

I ate the two biggest meals I’ve eaten in 2017, both on the same day. Started with church. I don’t know what it is, but all the worship we’ve had here has been so intense. Throughout, I kept getting the words to My Soul Sings by Delirious? running through my head:

I’m standing still

In a moment of eternity

Where worlds collide

And I feel the breathe of heaven over me
We then had food, starting with pasta. It transpired that this was just a starter, with the main being a whole chicken with chips. Heading off to Mount Etna, our minibus stopped to drop off some food at someone’s house. I was waiting for half an hour, my irritation levels reaching a critical point. When we started walking up the mountain, I felt like giving up straight away, it was so steep. But the climb was worth the views. Tea was innumerable pizzas, after amazing meat and cheese starters.

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