A day in the life – May 8th (spirit)

Today seemed like the most unproductive day, but I think we achievers quite a lot spiritually. We started by praying over some land owned by the church, which will house refugees and homeless people. It says in Romans 8, “creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed,” so we prayed over the ground to be fruitful.

Afterwards we split into groups, and mine headed off to do more work at the house we went to previously. We finished it all in half an hour, so we’re killing time weeding, which felt a bit useless. 
Tonight, I finally had chance to spend a good amount of time alone, so decided to listen to History Makers by Delirous? It always takes me at least thirty minutes of faffing before I settle down. Throughout the week, I’ve been physically moving around from place to place, in continuous activity. But somehow I feel my spirit has remained stationary and focused on God. I’ve just tried to keep aware of the reality of the cross; that the event of Jesus dying happened.

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