A day in the life – May 9th (sea)

Had a near-death experience today while swimming in the sea. We were heading for a rock, and I somehow ending up swimming against the current and exhausting myself; I got there with Josh and Pete’s help. After a mini-breakdown and some OT skills from Grace we came back, me being dragged by Pete most of the way. The relief when my feet could finally touch the sea floor again was magical. Really grateful for everyone that was with me, as I couldn’t have made it alone. On shore, I could see a lion-shaped rock that was watching over me the whole time.

In the evening, I had the opportunity to go to bed at 10, thus giving my body the rest it desperately needed, but I ended up inheriting Nikki’s failing kingdom in Settlers of Catan. If I’d realised I had a sheep port, a firebrand of justice would have rained down on all other players. In reality, I ended up in the aftermath of a botched clay trade. Naomi told me I’m “so sweet,” which means a lot when heard in a Scottish accent.

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