A day in the life – May 11th (new stories)

Had an outrageously long lie-in today, to pay off my debt of sleep. Then headed off to Weston Park after breakfast to bask in the sun (I can never get enough of that stuff). To counterbalance the intensity of the psychology book I’m reading, I started The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I read the introduction on the plane back, and that blew my mind enough. Only read the first chapter, but already a fascinating insight into what it means to be an artist. 

Blanked Steph in Sainsbury’s, because, like the Hobbit I am, was blinded by the pursuit of mushrooms. My Flying Jacob meal was still doomed for failure though, as I thought we had run out of bananas, only to find them ripening in a window after we’d finished eating. Softened the blow by starting the new story arc in Naruto. I love how certain elements can change, like the animation style, but the main focus on individual character development and friendship remains. 
After spending a week with barely any alone time, it seemed strangely self-indulgent to have time off, and become self-aware again.

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