A day in the life – May 16th (Greek)

Tim took us through the overall story of the bible at Form. When we looked at the creation story in Genesis, I was struck by how closely it resembled the Greeks’ version.

“Out of the chaos came kosmos, and Kronos was it’s master.” This means that out of a mess, created order (cosmos) came about. Kronos was the first Greek god, and his name is also linked with time (e.g. “chronological”). In Genesis, the division of days comes about after the separation of light and dark, the first step towards order and form. I also imagined God patiently growing light, instead of it flashing into instantaneous existence. 
I then stayed at church afterwards, because I thought I’d have a huge impact as kitchen assistant for the student meal. Instead of revolutionising gastronomy, I ended up submitting to peer pressure, and eating two teas. Then went to the Cutting’s for Katie’s send off. Played Empires multiple times, but didn’t win once; I desire total domination and victory. Prayed for her and asked Holyspirit for prophetic direction. Every single picture contained water, so as long as she stays hydrated, she should be ok.

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