A day in the life – May 19th (form)

Somehow managed to maintain my goal of having two rest days. Spent the majority of today at Cineworld. First I watched Colossal, which seemed to be constantly redefining its focus all the time I was watching it, and crossed about four genres. I then saw King Arthur. It often baffles me how critics and audiences can give such harsh reviews to films I thoroughly enjoy. In cases where art isn’t what we expect, we should start asking questions, instead of dismissing it because we don’t understand. I loved the contrast between ice and fire elements throughout, and the crazy, strong magic. Anything with eagle vs snake imagery is an instant win for me.

If the past few days have taught me anything, it’s that my body demands a cup of tea at 16:30, and starts throwing a paddy without one. After curbing my existential crisis with a suitable hot beverage, I cooked tea. I find cooking relaxing, as long as I allow myself double the amount of time listed on the recipe. Then went down for prayer room worship. Really glad only a few people came, as didn’t really have the energy to play guitar. Slowly became lest restless, and pleasantly dumbfounded by the simple presence of Jesus.

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