May 20th (high drama)

Worked today; it was very busy, with the added excitement of the dishwasher copping out. Had to wait half an hour for it to regenerate, then boy did those pots get washed. I had a pot of tea at lunch. I’ve never understood why some tea bags have string attached. It’s supposed to help remove the bag, but that’s perfectly achievable with a spoon, and it gets tangled when stirring. 

Appreciated the rainy walk back, going on a mysterious wander through Weston Park. As if one rebirth through water wasn’t enough, I had one of those amazing showers when I got back. Had the imaginative tea of three bean soup, microwaved rice and tortilla; hey, it’s Taco Bell. Watched quite a few episodes of Fairy Tail. Things are heating up; you know it’s good quality when the tragic backstories start coming out.

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