A day in the life – May 21st (worship coma)

Got up at 6 to clean the Playtime Centre, then played worship afterwards. Had lunch at Rob and Jayne’s. By this point I’d reached my social limit. I have one of two reactions to this, the first being to talk relentlessly as a poorly devised defence mechanism, the second being to experience the urge to smack people in the face with every word spoken. Many punches were thrown, but fortunately only in my imagination. 

Saw the tail end of an outdoor production of Twelfth Night in Crookes Valley Park, then also a Ceilidh group in Weston Park. I think God was reminding me about ways I used to meet him in. While cooking, he said, “All religion has to die,” but didn’t get many specifics. 
I stopped pretending that my life was complete without watching the first episode of Boruto. Very exciting; I wonder if it’s possible for any anime to surpass Naruto. Then had a soaking session, which led to the worship coma I’m currently in. In future, don’t attempt when sleepy (I always make this vow). Started encountering Holyspirit like a rising, cool sensation. All my spiritual moments leave me wondering whether I left the window wide open.

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