A day in the life – May 22nd (waa)

I always think, “It’s Monday, let’s have a rest day!” Haha. Ha. I always have a lie in, but then activities cause the rest of the day to merge into an indistinct blur. Cleaned a house in Hillsborough, then spontaneously ate lunch in Hillsborough Park. I only intended to walk through, but hearing wind in the trees subjected me to a mysterious rebirth. 

After deciding I need to spend some more enforced Holyspirit time, the trusty Native Indian album was unleashed. I don’t know how I used to worship before the fateful day I bought this from the buskers in town. Going through a deconstruction phase in worship. Don’t know whether to listen to music, watch anime, films, or just sit in silence. Or not even bother, and meet Jesus in the everyday. Do I need structures, or none? I need Dumbledore’s Pensieve, so I can empty my head of all the thoughts that constantly regenerate and distract.

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