A day in the life – May 24 (hope for dry tortillas)

We had a half-day of teaching today, which I normally hate, but I thought it was one of the best we’ve had. Andy spoke on the temptation of Jesus, Luke 4. It stood out to me that the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness; he didn’t just end up there by accident. This is encouraging, because a few weeks ago I prayed, “Take me further into your presence,” and Father answered, “Are you ready?” I thought he was acting tough, but my life has been an absolute nightmare since then. It makes sense though, because even Jesus had to go through loneliness, weakness and uncertainty to grow closer to his father.

Notwithstanding this mighty revelation, I still had to spend all afternoon alone to prevent any spontaneous acts of violence on innocent conversationalists. After a lunch, at which the main event was the redemption of a dry tortilla with scrambled egg, I hung out in Botanical Gardens and on Ecclesall Road. This area always reminds me of uni, as I lived there in second year, and how close to failure I came. Spent time concocting my life values in reflection of where I want to go in life. Also spent time laying down on a bench becoming one with nature, although I was slightly uneasy that some circling birds might take the connection too far by pooping on me. Then had a BBQ. Firmly establish my supremacy at Swingball, so much so that a certain individual had to resort to distraction techniques, and change predefined guidelines of play to undermine my dominion.

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