A day in the life – May 25th (sunlight magic)

Had a nice day doing nothing; need to do that more often. Spent a few hours in Botanical Gardens reading again. Dorian Gray keeps becoming more and more fascinating. Decided I need to chat to Jesus more as if he’s a normal person, rather than a swirling blob. It easy to over spiritualise God. Everything seems more friendly in sunlight.

Did Pilates when I got back; I don’t know why, but I always find it fulfilling and relaxing. Taught some piano, then made tea while listening to the irrepressible Native Indian album. I did intentionally kill a fly while cooking, an act that probably isn’t close to the beliefs carried by the music. The only true way to finish a day of rest is with anime, Fairy Tail and Boruto. The new series continues to surprise me with how fast-paced and mature it is, but still faithful to the original.

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