A day in the life – May 26th (hot mess)

The weather was so muggy today, all I can remember is a montage of sweat, mirages, and half-baked musings. Wondering if it’s possible to be fully immersed and invested in the present, but also fixated on a long-term goal. Every day I try to focus on reality, while also keeping a grasp on a future dream that is “better,” somehow. 

Society is always pushing our gaze inwards, with the media insisting that satisfaction of the self is paramount to happiness. I often wonder what Jesus’ idea of individuality is. Yes, he spent time with his father, but also with a bunch of sweaty, under qualified lowlifes, who never really understood a word he said until after he died. Sounds like great moral support.
Tonight I was amazed by the logical prowess of Habrian Gooch, who untangled the connection between mozzarella, feta cheese and hysterical laughter.

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