A day in the life – May 27th (environment)

Had one of those moments today where the physical world perfectly resembles the spiritual. I was listening to worship music outside, but then it started raining. The water matched what I was listening to (about dry bones) but eventually the rain became too heavy. I only spent two minutes inside before it stopped. When I went back out, I was berating myself for missing a natural, poetic, anime orchestration, thinking, “God would have said something massive if I’d stayed out.” Then I heard the Father say, “It’s not about where you are, but who I am.”

The whole scenario reminded me of John 3, where Jesus compared the spirit to wind; it’s impossible to see, but you can observe its effects. When I left my room to go out again, the door was slammed shut by the wind. Afterwards, that felt like God saying, “Don’t always feel like you have to retreat to talk with me, I’m out there as well!” Even in the places where I’m not comfortable, and can’t see the “wind”, he’s still moving.
Had a big hangout with Matt in the afternoon and evening, watching King Arthur for the second time. Was surprised that I really enjoyed it again, although didn’t pick up on any of the innuendos that my companion was very aware of.

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