A day in the life – May 29th (still not winning)

Survived the bank holiday madness at The Cabin. Maybe a small part of me died, but I haven’t noticed yet. After being really busy, we obviously all feel entitled to rest. But actually, I think outside of Christ we’re not entitled to any reward for our work. Only in him can we enjoy rest. But that knowledge makes it more difficult to decide when to start or stop. If nothing I do makes rest any more legitimate, then how do you decide when it’s appropriate?

It’s strange, but even though I was really tired, I wanted to do some Pilates afterwards. For me, it helps me relax even more, despite the fact I’m undergoing more exertion. I don’t know if this is normal, but I get to decide what to do with my body. Then listens to Ghost Stories by Coldplay, a staple glory album. I’ve been stuck in a vicious circle of Native Indians and Justin Bieber, which needed breaking. I do all these things (listening to music watching anime etc), but they’re all meaningless without his presence. 
I’ve started trying to commit Fur Elise by Beethoven to memory. It gets much harder after the famous beginning. I still hate Bohnanza. A strategy must exist, and I will find it.

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