A day in the life – May 30th (beyond time)

I’ve had a pack of tissues in the front pocket of my rucksack for about seven years, which a nice old lady gave me on the bus to school when I got a nosebleed. These tissues have always presented themselves at times of great need. I was therefore quite disappointed that I had to use the last one today for the painfully common task of blowing my nose while walking down the street. A small amount of foresight could have lent those 3-ply sheets a more ceremonial ending; maybe aiding an old woman with a nosebleed, thus coming full circle.

I had so much unexpected free time in the late afternoon, that I ended up sitting in my chair, paralysed by the amount of possibilities. It was only under these circumstances that I would accept another game of Bohnanza. I finished 3rd equal; better, but still not the ideal.

Listened to some worship tunes afterwards. I was thinking about how we view sunset and sunrise as signs of closure, but the Galaxy never stops moving during the night. I saw Jesus as a lion, and he said, “There is a tunnel of fire,” and one was pouring from his mouth. This reminded me of Daniel 7: “A river of fire was flowing, coming out from before him.” I also heard, “Let me show you my history.” I think he wants me to know him, not just as a temporary sensation in the present, but as someone beyond time.

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