A day in the life – June 3rd (weird guy)

Brought the force back into balance with a whole day spent mostly outside. Thought I didn’t need to wear suncream after visiting Sicily, but I was wrong. I’m still thankful for the freedom to go topless in one’s back garden. Justin Bieber had dropped of my recently played albums, and it was time for him to return with a vengeance. Experienced physical and spiritual wind while listening, and was able to tell the difference; hooray for discernment.

My friend invited me to a BBQ, but Holyspirit said he wanted to spend the evening with me. This confused me, as it contradicts the my life’s direction over the past few hew to become less of a hermit. After half a day faffing around, I was finally in the chair with the worship tunes on. At first nothing much was going on, but then I turned the volume up a notch, and the revelation started flowing.

A lot happened, but one relatable thing was that Jesus showed me lying on some grass, with birds flying to me (not to steal my flesh, but peacefully). This reminded me of when God sent ravens to Elijah with food (1 Kings 17). I wonder how much he learned about God’s kindness during that time. I think he wants me to trust that he’ll provide for me every day, which kind of muddled with a few days ago, when it was all about the big picture! Strange.

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