Based on a true story – June 5th (reaction)

I’m still not sure how to react to the London attack. It’s obviously terrible, but no worse than what is occurring in the east at the moment. Also, it’s only due to our privilege that it doesn’t happen more often, and this advantage was largely gained by the disadvantage of foreign nations in history. 

Mondays are normally terrible, as I normally clean then teach piano in the afternoon, which should leave free time in the middle, but always becomes a consuming blob of floating. I was appreciating the rain in the morning, but the contrast between the recent warm weather become too stark, as in the afternoon I received the biggest drenching I’ve ever had in Yorkshire. 

The conditions were perfect for a glory bath in the evening. It’s time my internal clock got some recognition, as I predicted within a minute the time I went back to my room. Was sat wondering whether another episode of Fairy Tail is the only answer to my misguided thoughts. The conclusion, is yes. 

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