Based on a true story – June 6th (depth)

Did worship on piano this morning at prayers. Started by reading Psalm 42; I love how David starts searching for God, expecting a stream, and finds waterfalls and seas. Also, his problems started because he stopped following him in worship.

Other random bible stuff happened today, but the inexhaustible necessity for card games yet again took prominence. Who knew Uno could become such a complex, contentious game? As self-elected games master, I was on the receiving end of mid-game rule changes from certain individuals, despite my resistance. Then there were complaints from the certain individuals when the new rules didn’t play out in their favour. 

Inflicted my presence on the Williams’ once again this teatime; I got so heavily ridiculed for my interest in Chinese exercise practices I may never return. Although the first two episodes of Naruto were watched, and received surprisingly well.

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