Based on a true story – June 7th (are you not the same today?)

Wandered through many different contexts today, in a sustained stream of activity. Some of the Restore gang (helping poor and vulnerable people) walked through the streets praying in the morning for the area around our church. Then I headed off to work at The Cabin, the first time I’ve not worked a weekend day. It was much quieter, although I felt everyone took on more roles than normal, as there were less people.

Taught a piano lesson just after I got home, then went to the Simms’ for tea. Luke distinguished himself as compassionate, by remembering my white chocolate cookies fetish. We then went back to church for prayer and worship for Restore. During the songs, the straight rhythm made me remember Jesus’ footsteps. “How beautiful in the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” (Isaiah 52:7) Accidentally started reading the chapter before. It says,

“Are you not the same today, the one who dried up the sea?”

This summed up a really common prayer, when we wonder why what we’ve experienced or believed of God doesn’t happen again to instantly solve all our problems. Like Aslan told Lucy, “Things never happen the same way twice.”

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