Based on a true story – June 8th (soup frenzy)

For the end of Form, we have to share how we’ve changed over the year, so went down to church to do some data gathering by asking people. This was exciting, and I even had an unexpected emotional breakdown in the Restore office. My confusing, internal world is slowly unraveling to be revealed in the light. 

Had a massive craving for tomato soup at lunch. I always look forward to feeling simplistic, until I get distracted as to whether bread or toast would taste nicest, and optimal tea brewing times. Played my violin in a whimsical nod to the past. Bumped into Dom from my old schools while walking to a piano lesson. It’s funny seeing people in different contexts. He was on his way to an exam; I would have been in that position as well if I’d done a placement year. In the past that was an option, but now the path that would have created seems inconceivable.

After endless faffing, I started processing the gathered information. Somehow it was very reminiscent using Microsoft Word; it reminded me of homework. The only suitable soundtrack was soaring Native Indian tunes. The ravages of hunger started again, which caused a second can of soup to be unleashed, this time lentil. Not sure if I can economically support this level of consumption.

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