Based on a true story – June 9th (the once and future king)

I think the only way British politics could get any more dramatic would be for King Arthur to return, or the Queen to start exercising her authority. Maybe a brief stint of monarchism would be refreshing. While I’m not sure about the future ramifications, I am happy once again to see a display of democracy’s power. In the meantime, I’m still delighted to exercise my full civic freedom, and sunbathe half-naked in my garden. I’d choose wearing sun cream over a burkini any day.

I can’t really remember what I did today; mainly rotated between sitting outside and in, trying to attain some level of spiritual fulfilment. Decided the best way to interpret my thoughts was to start a poem while listening to Elliot Minor’s debut album, in an attempt to stir any slumbering teenage memories. Cooked the best chilli I have ever made, the key ingredient being salt, which I always forget to add. Then went down to play guitar for last Restore prayers. If “O come let us adore him” can be played mid-June, anything is possible.

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