Based on a true story – June 13th (nindo)

It was the last teaching day on Form today, and I feel surprisingly unemotional. Maybe I’ll get slammed by a subconscious release of emotions on the weekend away. Liz and John taught us how to stay true to who we are forever. 

In the afternoon we presented the result of our talents project, where we were given a sum of money in groups to invest. While we didn’t exactly establish a long-term business plan, ours was the only group to make profit, with the eternal ethos of, “Make as much money as possible, with the least amount of effort.”

The evening held the second instalment of the Williams’ exposure to Naruto. It continues to be received well, but different pastures will be visited in the next visit, if there even is one. Wondering why anime is so popular in my generation, who are supposed to have poor attention spans, when it contains so much waiting, dialogue in between excitement, and still scenes.

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