June 16th (breathing fire)

Spent most of the day doing boring things and getting ready for the last Form weekend away. Spent some time in Peace Gardens for the first time in ages. Bodies of water always make me feel so relaxed, probably because I grew up next to the sea. I love trees as well, but it’s a different type of nature energy.

Jesus was definitely there in worship tonight, and spoke to me in many different ways. Firstly as a lion, how he predominantly appeared to me a few years ago. He was covered in blue paint, and I was following his footprints. He said, “This is the deep water,” from Psalm 42: Deep cries out to deep in the roar of your waterfalls.

Then I was before the Father and a cauldron. I plunged my hand in, and drew out myself as a baby (slightly surreal). Then Father took baby me and breathed into me. He was saying I have his breath of life in him (Genesis 2:7), and he wants it combined with Holyspirit’s fire. This reminded me of Naruto, who controls the wind element, and his rival Sasuke, who controls fire. When they combine their natures, immense power can be released. Only through cooperation can true change be achieved, like wind stirring up flames. 

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