June 17th (chi)

Woke up really early this morning, so got up and sat by the lake for half an hour. Then trained my first disciples in the art of Chi Kung (the way of energy). I found it so much easier to do outdoors, where it’s best to practice. 

In the morning we had to share our year’s testimony. I didn’t struggle listening too much, in between putting cold water on my wrist and beck to prevent a heat-induced reverie. Shared how I can now understand God’s presence as a promise that he is present in every single moment, because his breath is always in me. 

All self restraint was abandoned when I found out it was curry for tea. At the start of my second plate, I started ignoring the signals my stomach was sending me, and kept going. Mind over matter isn’t always the best approach. A wave of exhaustion took over me in the evening, and I eventually realised it was down to my lack of tea drinking, as I’d not had a single cup in over twenty four hours. This was quickly rectified.

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