June 18th (time to stop navel gazing)

We finished the weekend away this morning. I wish I could have felt hyper-emotional, but I kept thinking, “Can we actually do something now?” I’d just got bored of constantly reflecting, something I overindulge in anyway. But in the last worship I had fun, because I decided to look into the spirit realm again, something I’ve not been doing lately, and which is surprisingly helpful.

Afterwards, Grace, Gethin, Steph and I headed down to the river outside Chatsworth House for a swim. This was exactly the spontaneous activity I needed to shake my system, and also helped overcome my recent fear of water. I also acquired a second towel off Grace, having survived the past three years with only one; limitless freedom awaits. There was much excitement, the highlight being an old woman, who we shall refer to as Leslie, launching herself from a tree into the water, and also getting help and instruction in how to replace a flat car tyre.

When I got home, I revelled in my ceremonial shower cleansing. After reattaining my spirituality by listening to the Native Indian music, we played games together before Jakob goes back to Sweden. Finally achieved first place in Bohnanza, although the glory was shared. Monopoly Deal has been added to my list of spiritual strongholds.

Ps I meant to include this photo yesterday, I love it!

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