June 19th (emergency shower)

Forced myself to rest this morning by staying in bed for a few hours after waking up. Accidentally broke my promise not to do my morning exercises though. I then made the mistake of lying outside in the sun for an hour. I’d brought out all manner of recreational activities, but my brain could barely function. I did eventually realise I had to get back inside. I don’t know what was more real: the sweat, or the need for an emergency shower.

I then decided to watch Naruto for an hour, which involved drawing my curtains on a sunny day, a shameful act I never thought I’d commit. However, it probably saved me from heat exhaustion. I rewatched where he learns his signature move, Rasengan, as Sam, another follower of the true religion, had a prophetic word yesterday that I’d completed the first stage of the training. After watching, I felt God saying I’d mastered the balance between art and logic; the next step is more power!

At long last, after a day’s worth of mithering, I spent some decent time with God listening to worship music. I started my new notebook, and was drawing shapes and pictures on the pages, whatever came to mind, asking Jesus to speak through them. It worked somehow.

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