June 20th (refiner’s fire)

It was the last day of Form when we are all together, and we spent it cleaning and clearing the site. Very satisfying to see clutter from over four years be brutally disposed. As the Players player of the year (aka the person who looks most like Jesus), I got a dramatic eagle statue; it’s going to be a nightmare to dust. Just before we finished lunch, Jesus asked me to sing Refiner’s Fire over everyone. It was annoying, because I started crying, and I didn’t want it to be dramatic. But afterwards I leaned on the wisdom of Gandalf – “I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.”

I cooked fajitas for tea while listening to Brave New World by Amanda Cook, once again exercising my talent for doubling meal preparation times. I played some worship on guitar before and after. It’s funny that the more time we spend with Jesus, the harder it is to ignore the stuff that you don’t like paying attention to, but he’s interested in. Even more so when playing an instrument, because then the music can’t be passive. Watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail; the imagery flows deeply.

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