June 25th (natural)

Celebrated my Grandad’s 80th birthday today. It was strange being with loads of distant relatives who I’d never met, but I learnt a lot about our family history. I also saw my dad for the first time in quite a while. We ate so much food.

Afterward I was in dire need of personal reflection, despite having a surplus of this over the week. I walked around Weston Park before I got home. I’m really thankful for nature; without Morecambe Bay and Sheffield’s trees, I wouldn’t know God. Spent a while standing underneath a willow tree connecting with Mother Nature/Holyspirit.

Despite promising myself after lunch I wouldn’t eat chicken for another month, I found myself eating my words, and a certain flightless bird, moments after getting home. Did some Pilates afterwards as a legitimate response to overindulgence. Headed out to Bole Hills, as I’d not yet drunk enough nature energy. Wearing the unbeatable combo of gilet and flip-flops, I stood in the grass barefooted, watching the sky’s light. Realised I need to let Abba father me.

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