June 26th (just keep staring)

I always forget to go outside to do my Chi Kung in the morning, but remembered today. It makes more sense, and seems easier outdoors. Then Adam did us dirty by leaving for the states, never to return. As today seemed a good opportunity to abandon Sheffield, I too set off home, for the exciting task of culling my worldly possessions. Once again, Justin Bieber’s Purpose reigned supreme as my melodramatic soundtrack. I also started reading Love Wins by Rob Bell. Partway through the heaven and hell section, which is a topic I only think about once every two years. Quite interesting though.

After lunch, and spontaneous, passionate discussion about future careers, I walked to St Patrick’s Chapel to align myself with the spirit of Heysham. Took full advantage of the solitude to relieve myself in undisclosed locations. Hung around the ruins, then headed down to a rocky outcrop in front of the graveyard which I discovered a year ago. Stared at the sea, but gleaned no revelation. Was planning on reading the gospels, then fell asleep. Going to read some now though, as God told me a few days ago I wouldn’t progress without greater clarity on Jesus’ character.

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