June 28th (give me my life back)

Didn’t do anything significant today. I was waiting around in the morning for the afternoon to come, so I could catch my train, the only notable achievement being moving my trombone case under my bed. The journey back was quite uneventful. I tried to reclaim my spirituality by listening to Those Who Dream by Kristene Mueller, and then reading some of Romans, but only managed to lock myself in a semi-inebriated state.

At some point, from an unknown stimuli, the carol It Was On A Starry Night started playing in my head. This was the rousing soundtrack to the sustained workout of carrying ridiculous amounts of luggage; oh the joys of not having a car. Had tea and worship rehearsal at Rob and Jayne’s in the evening.
It’s weird going home nowadays. Because I only stay a few days, and because I only go for a purpose, it’s always like being a guest, as it never settles into real life. On visits like this, I find my connection with Holyspirit goes out of the window, because I don’t have my normal freedom to structure my time. Much spiritual wall-scaling and defeating armies of hundreds with only the LORD’s help has to happen tomorrow. Especially now I’ve shaved my back; it was getting annoying, and now I’m more streamlined, I’ll be able to run faster and punch stuff harder. 

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