July 3rd (application)

Started off with the Chi Kung as usual. I’m doing it in the garden as the weather’s nice at the moment, but I do wonder what the neighbours make of me squatting for ten minutes every morning. It was my first day doing job applications, and I’m still at the stage where the sense of hopelessness hasn’t set in yet. I though I’d finished one by lunchtime, then it had all these unexpected tests. I was stuck for ages on a maths question, which took two seconds when I started writing down stuff on paper (sorry, maths teachers of the past.) I thought I’d done terribly, but the score turned out alright, fortunately, seeing as I’d been waxing lyrical about being an engineering graduate.

Flashback to breakfast, I had an unexpected moment where I really felt Holyspirit, listening to Coldplay just before I started eating. Maybe it was because I paused to take stock. Taught some piano, then had tea at Rob and Jayne’s. When I got home, decided to finish my current Fairy Tail box set. There was a moment where one of the wizards, Lucy, gives a call to arms to her friends, as the town will get destroyed if they don’t stop arguing. It’s a fairly basic story point, but it reminded me of how Christians often argue endlessly over tiny details, when we’re supposed to be saving souls.

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