July 5th (arrangements)

Someone, somewhere made the executive decision to unleash my “talents” on The Cabin’s kitchen today. Those grills will never be the same again. After a few mid morning crises, all was well; regular arrangement is key. Had free reign of the playlist, but had to resist the impulsion to play Justin Bieber. 

Cooled off in the freezer section in Sainsbury’s, before buying cookies. There is currently a discount revolution occurring; last week, reduced from £1.10 to 90p, now from £1.00 to 80p. Will the parameters ever stop changing? Then went to the Simms for tea. Started getting overwhelmed by schedule arrangements, so lay on the floor for a while when I got there to realign myself. Luke noted that I looked wiser since he last saw me a few months ago. Maybe this is the sweaty, day-long kitchen effect. 

We watched The Full Monty, hilarious and very appropriate for a Christian setting. Justin was finally unleashed when I got home, accompanied by a nighttime Pilates workout.

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