July 7th (ambition)

As you get older, it seems the norm that you have more responsibility, regardless of whether you asked for or wanted it. By pure consequence of working at The Cabin frequently, I’ve been designated as a chef, by no design of my own. Most of the day was spent floundering around in this new role.

I automatically started doing some Pilates when I got home, but stopped after I realised I was exhausted. After a recuperative shower, it was time to revisit a serious Naruto moment, where he meets his friend and rival, Sasuke, after three years. This bit wasn’t shown, but I was reminded of the start of the storyline, where their sensei asks Naruto and his friends what their dream is. Sasuke replies, “I don’t have a dream as such, but I do have an ambition; and that is to kill a certain man without fail.” While bloodthirsty, at this point he is maturer than his friends. A dream is something you hope for, but you strive towards ambition, working until it becomes reality.

Had tea with Gethin, Grace, Ben and some mums and aunties. Afterward I played some piano for everyone. It went fine, but probably would have prepared endlessly and overthought if I knew I’d be doing it. Soaked to some worship music afterwards, and God asked me to read Psalm 118. Maybe he wants me to be joyful, or work in a call centre. “I will not die, but live.”

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