July 9th (corpus christi)

The morning I have been dreading finally arrived, with a pre-six start to clean the Playtime Centre before worship rehearsal. Fortunately, it was the cleanest I’ve ever seen it, so big thanks to whoever used it. Enjoyed pumping out the fat bass, although there may have been several lapses in concentration during other points of the service, as my body calculated, and was shocked, at how long it was going to be awake.

Went to Weston Park for a deeply intense time with Holyspirit. However, this plan remained in the realm of fantasy, with me being caught in the crossfire between warring wasps numerous times. I was trying to read Song of Songs when it started, so obviously a direct attack from the bad guys. My mum was passing through Sheffield, so after a hectic tea, we made it to The Well just in time for worship. I cannot describe how grateful I am to be part of this spiritual heritage. Also, as I normally play instruments all the time at church, it was great to not try, but just sing and listen.

I was essentially asking, “Why does stuff have to be hard, can’t I just feel your presence?” God showed me a picture of a burned-out tree stump; it was really lonely in a wasteland. I asked if it was the tree of good and evil from Genesis, but he said, “This is the tree I was interested in.” There were yellow flowers growing on it. The tree represented the body of Christ, aka the church. Jesus was saying he enjoys watching the growth, no matter how useless it painful it seems.

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